Yup I used to be a zoo Keeper… What happened? 

So just to be clear, this is my second post. I’m writing this after the “Mandela effect” post ..

So just a lil bit about how I got to this point in my life.. I did indeed used to be a zookeeper.. My official title was “Animal trainer/Show presenter”. 

I gotta say, it was a great job and I would recommend people all over the world to try and work in a zoo at least for a short period of your lives. It’s a fulfilling job, and you learn so much, gain so many new skills, for example if a binturong were to jump off of me, I’d know to hold the base of its tail (not all the skills will be useful in any other location than the zoo) 

Binturong- otherwise know as the Asian Bearcat. They are actually not related to bear or cats and instead belong to the Civet family.

I would present shows nightly, laughing either with or at the audience. Fun times. Met a lot of fantastic guests from all over the world. So what happened? 

Well, I worked for 5 years and I had 3 managers throughout that time. The last manager, who is still the current manager, she had no direction, I personally felt that she was not fair in her treatment of staff, I felt that animals were literally dropping dead because of her inability to have common sense, and I’m not the only one. I’d heard bad stories about animal care from many people. Now I must add a disclaimer, all this that I have written, it’s my opinion (as well as whole lot of other people’s as well) and so I don’t have solid proof to say “because of this that you did, this and this happened” …. But trust me when I say, I’m not the only one that thinks so. 

 The overall morale of the department was at an all time low, and from what I hear, it still is.. So I was offered a new job and I left and joined a new company…………… And that’s the cue for me to start a new post because, boy! Do I have a lot to get off my chest concerning that!!


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