Oh Shit….

So I was half way through another blog post and I got a notification for a new Email which read as follows:

So I went back to the job portal that I have been applying jobs on for days now just to kinda figure out what I applied for because I applied for so many and also I had no idea what “a copy test” was. 

So this is what I found:

I don’t know whether to laugh or just tell myself  I’m a damn idiot. Not only have I not worked in an advertising company before, or done any sort of writing for a living, I applied for the HEAD OF COPY! TO BE A SENIOR WRITER! 


So I went straight to google to find out what a copy writer was exactly:

So you know that doesn’t sound too bad does it? I don’t know, so I went back to the original advertisement to see what qualifications were needed to become the “head of copy”… And look at what my smart-ass found:

Yup, not only should you be at least in the mid of your career level but you should have 4 years of experience as well as a DEGREE!
So let’s just sum this up, I’m not even in the career coz I’ve never done it before so I’m whatever it’s called before you start out, I have 0 years of experience and I only have my high school O’levels, At least I got an A1 in English for that . So what made me think that I would get this job? Lol I gotta give it to myself, sometimes I really don’t care , and I do things because either A) They make me laugh or B) Just because..

But you know what this means? I gotta go and find out as much about his company as well as what the HELL is a copy test?! Wish me luck! I am going to need it so much!
Oh if anyone actually works or has worked as a copy writer, please give me some advice! I would greatly appreciate it. 

*On a side note, it may appear that I over-reacted to this but I be been jobless for about 1 and a half weeks and my money is running out. I need a job and this is the first job that have gotten back to me and I really don’t wanna screw it up. I’m literally rationing out food at home and trying to eat less so my mum can eat more because I can’t afford to keep buying food. So I m just over excited I guess.


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