Still looking..

So I am still looking for a job. The fact that I did not stay in my Diploma course long enough to complete it is now causing me a huuuugggeee problem. I’m pretty sure that in our mothers, fathers youth (Can I still say that I’m young? I m 28, I think that I still qualify) it would have been good enough if you had finished your high school let alone Diploma or degree.

 But things are different now and I guess it will always rein true that I realize (I actually realised many many years ago) that Kids! Your education is so important! You can literally be anything that yo want to be if you just buckle down and study.

So I’m thinking of applying to Dubai at their new night safari. Like a night zoo, very similar to what I was doing for 5 years. I know a few people over there and they said it’s really good. 

The park is still under construction or something and will only be open something like next year. So if I were to apply, I would literally be the pioneer batch. You know that in itself is very very tempting. To be one of the first people. 

How many people get that chance, to be a part of something that  will probably be around for many many more years to come?! It’s exciting!

But I have done some research and although it is very liberal for the Middle East. It’s still not quite liberal enough:

That one above, I’m not sure I can do it. Anyone who knows me knows that I curse like a sailor. It’s illegal, I can’t believe that .

So while I may not like it, I understand that it is an Islamic state and there’s really nothing much that I can do about this I guess. For me , this will be super hard because I always hug my guy friends when I see them.

Again, the above will be difficult because sometimes you do just need to have a drunken night out , don’tcha? But it’s against the holy rules. Muslims can’t drink alcohol so I guess if I were to go over there, the positive side would be that I won’t have the chance to act like a complete fool.

A bit of a silly rule in my opinion but again, there’s nothing I can do about it. I mean it’s not an impossible thing to do .

I guess just due to the fact that Women are deemed something like a less worthy species than men, I will definitely not be dating should I choose to head over there to work so this would not be an issue for me.

So I guess I have a lot to think over. I mean I have known about vacancies over there for a while now but I guess that as a woman and as a diabetic woman, it’s a lil bit more scary than it would be for my male friends that are over here right now.

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