London Parliament Attack

So this is a serious post. I’ve just been reading updates on Facebook form friends and family in the UK detailing an attack on Parliament in London. Now the reason why I am so worried is because I am half English. My Dad is English and I spent the first half of my life in the UK, In south London in a place called Croydon.  

I have a lot of friends and family including cousins, 2 brothers, nieces, and friends all living in South London. Some of whom travel into central London for work, or are living nearer to Central London than they were when I  knew them. Luckily everyone seems to be ok even though I me till waiting for messages from my brothers, but they usually reply late anyway so I m not too worried yet.

So let me record down what I have found out so far, be it from my friends/ family, or online news articles:

  • 4 people are dead, including a Police officer and the London Terrorist
  • 20 people injured after the Terrorist mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.
  • Attacker was shot by policemen as he charged at he Palaceof Westminster.
  • Attacker has been described by witnesses as an Asian man in his 40’s who was seen carrying knives with what was estimated to be 8 inch Blades.

So from what I gather is that he first used his car to hit pedestrians walking along Westminster Bridge. An eye witness said that he was going roughly 35 Miles per hour which is actually pretty fast and can do damage if you were to hit someone. In this case 20 people have been reported as hurt among them was a group of French children. After the incident it has been reported that 3 of the children were injured.

At about 2.45pm the attacker then got out of his car and fatally stabbed a plain clothes policeman. As he was charging towards a 2nd officer, clutching a large knife he was shot by the police.  He was later pronounced dead by Paramedics.

Injured pedestrians

Paramedics attending to the gunshot wound of the terrorists. You can see that the 2 knives used in the attack are circled in red

The attacker was later pronounced as dead. Along with a police man and 2 others

Injured pedestrian injured in car hit

This is heart-breaking but I think we need to remember that these actions were caused by the man, not his religion. 

There are Christians and Hindus and Buddhists as well as Muslims that feel the need to hurt people, to kill and no doubt that Muslims are going to get a hell of a lot of shit from people for this one man’s act. 

I understand that people are scared and hurt and upset but as cliched as it sounds, we just gotta love everyone man. Muslims didn’t do this, THIS MAN DID THIS.There are millions of Muslims that I’m sure would condemn this man for what he did . 

I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in a god of any kind, but that doesn’t mean to say that I am against every one that has a religion. I have fantastic Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic , Christian friends and I’m not going to turn around tomorrow and tell the Muslims, “look at what your religion did..” 
My thoughts go out to the friends and families grieving those that tragically lost their lives during the horrific attack as well as those who have been injured. Even to those who were not injured by endured a very scary traumatising incident.  

Pictures of attack taken from: